Tight Yoga Pants

Tight Yoga Pants

Tight yoga pants are all the rage as a sexy, fashion statement. For us yoga folks, the right yoga pants are an important part of getting the most out of yoga class.

There are several kinds of yoga pants and yoga beginners might be wondering “Which kind of yoga pants are right for me?” and “Do I have to wear tight yoga pants?” The thing is, tight yoga pants stay in place while you move in and out of yoga poses and while you are upside down. High-quality, tight yoga pants won’t give you a wedgie when you squat, reveal your butt crack when you bend over, give you a camel toe or fall towards your face when your upside-down.

Tight Yoga Pants – Full-Length

Full-length, tight yoga pants go down to your ankles. They’re either tight from hips to mid-calf, and flare slightly towards the bottom, or tight from hip to ankle. Full-length yoga pants are great if you tend get cold, like to keep your muscles warm or do yoga outside in the cool morning air. Full-length, tight yoga pants are perfect when you don’t feel like shaving your legs — not that unshaven legs are a bad thing — or if you’re self-conscious about your calves/ankles. Full-length, tight yoga pants are wonderful for meditation yoga such as Sahaja yoga and Yoga Nidra because you can sit comfortably and keep warm in a reclining position. I don’t recommend full-length yoga pants for hot yoga, including Bikram.

Tight Yoga Pants – Capri

Tight yoga pants Capri style are my personal favorite. The length ranges from just below your knee to mid-calf. There are two types of Capri tight yoga pants. Some hug your legs from hip to calf and straight-leg styles are loose at the bottom and tight from your hips to just below the knee. Capri yoga pants are perfect for any style of yoga because you won’t get too hot and they’re flattering to almost any body shape.

Tight Yoga Pants – Try Yoga Shorts

Is there an alternative to tight yoga pants? Try yoga shorts. Yoga shorts are ideal for hot yoga classes or doing yoga outdoors when it’s warm. Yes, they are revealing, but designed to keep your lady parts concealed when you do “spread eagle” yoga poses such as butterfly and splits. Yoga shorts come in various lengths. Some look like short-shorts and others come down to just above the knee, kind of Bermuda style or like bike shorts. Yoga shorts make a terrific alternative to tight yoga pants or Capri’s.
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