Surya Namaskar Makes You Stronger

Surya Namaskar Makes You Stronger

Performing Surya Namaskar or the sun salutation sequences, creates muscles in your upper body, lower body and back stronger, and more powerful, according to the Dept. of Physiology at M.R. Medical College in India. Researchers inferred that Surya Namaskar “can be an ideal exercise to keep oneself in the optimum level of fitness.” There has been recent interest in Surya Namaskar for weight loss, as it burns about 3.79 calories per minute, which comes out to 14 calories per round.

Of course, we should stop and realize that even if you do the same exercise every day, the calories are different, and the energy it takes to perform the same exercise is also different. We can only speak of what we are using it for. Surya Namaskar adds an extra six seconds of time to our yoga routine. An increase in the speed of the heart (by four to six beats per minute) can also be seen in Surya Namaskar. So while this practice is usually done at night, it can be incorporated in the morning in our routine to get a jump on your day!

Yoga Study Details

In this study, written in the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine, 79 men and women performed 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar, six days per week, for six months. That is a lot of yoga practice! Typically, in a Hatha yoga or Sivananda class you complete five to ten rounds. To complete one round of Surya Namaskar, start the series with the right foot. Then, come back to a standing position and do the series again starting with your left foot.

Upper Body Results

After six months of training Surya Namaskar, the cooperators significantly improved the amount of weight they could lift during bench press and shoulder press workouts. The bench press exercise stimulates your pectoral, deltoid and triceps muscles. The shoulder press activates your deltoid, triceps and latissimus dorsi. The women increased their bench press weight by 2.66 kilograms – 5.86 pounds – and their shoulder press by 2 kilograms – or 3.57 pounds. The men increased their bench press weight by 6.63 kilograms – 14.61 pounds – and their shoulder press by 3.57 kilograms – 7.87 pounds.

Lower Body Results

After six months of exercising of the surya namaskar repetitions, the members significantly improved their leg dynameter results. Women had an increase of 10.01 kilograms – 22.06 pounds – and men had an increase of 5.67 kilograms – 12.5 pounds.


After six months of studying Surya Namaskar, the members significantly increased back strength, as measured by a back dynameter. Women had an increase of 7.07 kilograms – 15.58 pounds – and men had an increase of 4.24 kilograms – 9.34 pounds.

Have you practiced 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar before? Are the sun salutation sequences an ideal exercise your you?

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