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Kettlebell Yoga: Tips for Practice

Kettlebell yoga is a new fusion workout that combines various fitness goals to give you a total body transformation. In this yoga practice, you combine yoga poses with bell-shaped weights. Incorporating kettlebell weights makes the practice more challenging. With this type of yoga, you will build strength, lose weight, increase mental concentration, and improve posture and alignment.

What is Kettlebell Yoga?

It involves the use of cast-iron shaped weights that have handles at the top side. Kettlebells come in varying sizes and weights, and you use them when doing lunges, shoulder presses, or lifts. The kettlebells have a unique weight distribution compared to the traditional dumbbells, making it more efficient for strength training movements that involve swinging. With this workout, you can burn up to 400 calories within twenty minutes.

Benefits Of Kettlebell Yoga

The exercise involves high-intensity activities that help improve your flexibility. Besides, it will build on your muscle strength, which quickly adds to your muscle stamina. It’s a full-body workout that will help burn fat within a short period and is thus great for your health and aerobic performance. Additionally, most participants record improved coordination, power, core stability, agility, and strength.

Areas Of Target

If you are looking forward to losing weight, it’s an ideal option that doesn’t stress your joints. It focuses on your core when integrated with lunges, crunches, and other moves that work on your abs and core. Additionally, it helps tone your backside, back muscles, and arms.

Tips For Practicing Kettlebell Yoga

Yoga and kettlebells make a perfect combo, which boosts your wellbeing and overall health. Here are several tips to help you out.

Keep An Active Mind

Note that kettlebell workouts involve numerous motions at a very high speed, which requires great concentration. Pay attention to how your body moves, your breathing patterns, and how the practice feels at each moment.

Practice On Breathing

Try to coordinate your breathing with each movement and keeping a significant focus on your patterns.

Adopt The Right Posture

While lifting the kettlebells with yoga poses, it would be best to focus on the core alignment of your body. As you increase your body awareness you will reduce the potential for injury.

Build On Your Daily Practice

Create a routine where you alternate various kettlebell yoga workout formats on different days. You can choose to incorporate the workouts on your ‘off days.’ Although it contains some strength challenges, it won’t overstrain your muscles. Additionally, you can consolidate the yoga posses with kettlebells in a circuit design. For instance, you can kick off with a 10 minutes sun salutation flow then or proceed to kettlebell exercises like the Russian twist in about 15 reps and alternate them for as long as 60 minutes.

Sign Up For Classes

Based on your location, needs, and preferences, you can take classes that combine the workouts. In most cases, you will find these lessons in yoga studios rather than in a gym. In case there are no classes available in your vicinity, you can consider integrating the workouts in your home practice. Start with lighter weights and upgrade gradually.


The key to a successful workout plan is variety, and you need to try out everything from endurance workout to cardio to balance exercises. You can check out this resource for more information to help you integrate kettlebell weights in to your yoga sessions.

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