About YogaHathaYoga.com

About YogaHathaYoga.com

Welcome to YogaHathaYoga.com!

Our website focuses on bringing you the latest information on the physical and emotional health benefits of yoga from clinical studies published in medical journals from all over the world. We hope these findings help to inspire and motivate you and your loved ones to start or continue practicing yoga.

When available, and sometimes exclusively available on YogaHathaYoga.com, our articles include the sequence of the yoga class in the particular study. This way you can perform or teach the class to try and replicate the same positive results for yourself or your students. At the bottom of each article is mini-forum where you can ask our experts questions and chat with other yogis and yoginis. As a service to yoga studios we offer the use of the first 100 words of any article — one article per month — free, in exchange for you placing a link to this website with the phrase “Learn more at YogaHathaYoga.com” next to the article. This way you can easily add fresh and interesting content to your online newsletter. If you are interested in this free service, please contact us to become a friend of YogaHathaYoga.com. Once accepted, you will receive a link and listing in our upcoming worldwide online yoga directory. Please visit often!

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