Yoga to Lose Weight and Prevent Chronic Disease

Yoga to Lose Weight and Prevent Chronic Disease

You’ll feel great, when you do yoga to lose weight and prevent chronic disease. In fact, the following yoga study found people with chronic disease risk factors lost a significant amount of weight when they practiced yoga regularly. Did you know that someone who is overweight is more likely to develop chronic diseases including stroke, heart disease and diabetes? If you want to help yourself or a loved one at risk for developing chronic disease, get them interested in yoga by sharing your enthusiasm and accompanying them to a beginner yoga class.

Yoga to Lose Weight

In this 14-week study on how to use yoga to lose weight and prevent chronic disease from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and published in Indian Heart Journal, all the subjects had risk factors for developing coronary heart disease. To find out if yoga effectively helps people lose weight and prevent chronic disease, the subjects received healthy lifestyle advice and performed 0ne hour of yoga per day. For the first four days, the subjects attended a yoga class with a trained instructor and for the remaining 94 days, the subjects did yoga at home. After only four weeks of practice, the participants experienced significant weight loss and had lower blood pressure.

Enjoy a Yoga Class

If you’re overweight and at risk for developing chronic disease, I encourage you to try a beginners yoga class near you — with your doctor’s approval — just like the people in the study. Although health magazines and yoga books tend to depict yoga people as svelte with glowing health, you don’t have to look like those pictures to benefit from yoga. In India, yoga has been seen as a therapeutic approach to diseases and a path to good health for thousands of years. Click here to read some tips for your first yoga class.

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