Iyengar Yoga Series Improves Balance

October 2013 by

Here is a set of eight, simple Iyengar yoga poses clinically proven to improve your balance, which can reduce your risk of falling. One in three people age 65 and older will fall this year and up to 30 percent of those people will incur moderate to severe injuries.

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Iyengar Yoga Series to Reduce Stress

July 2013 by

Attending Iyengar yoga classes once per week effectively reduces stress as well as taking two classes per week. Stress affects up to 80 percent of adults and has negative impacts your health, including speeding up the aging process…”

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Yoga Prevents and Treats Depression

July 2012 by

Recent studies found yoga prevents and treats depression, either as a stand-alone practice or as complimentary therapy with medication. In one study, participants experienced mood elevation after completing a single 60-minute class.

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