Iyengar Yoga Series Improves Balance

October 2013 by

Here is a set of eight, simple Iyengar yoga poses clinically proven to improve your balance, which can reduce your risk of falling. One in three people age 65 and older will fall this year and up to 30 percent of those people will incur moderate to severe injuries.

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Yoga Poses for Balance: Intermediate Yoga Sequence 1

December 2012 by

I love yoga poses for balance and created this intermediate balance sequence for you to use at home or in your classes. In this intermediate yoga sequence, eka pada pranamasana — one-legged prayer pose — is the resting pose. Details for all the poses…

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Hatha Yoga Poses Sequence – Intermediate Class 1.5 Hours

November 2012 by

Here is a complete Hatha yoga pose sequence for an intermediate class with a duration of 1.5 hours. You can follow this yoga sequence for your home practice or teach it to your yoga class. Just click on the yoga pose for a detailed explanation.

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Bikram Yoga Strengthens Your Knees and Improves Balance

August 2012 by

This study is the “first controlled description of the effects of short-term Bikram Yoga practice on strength and steadiness.” It shows practicing allows you to move more gracefully through life with stronger knees and better balance.

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