Iyengar Yoga Series to Reduce Stress

July 2013 by

Attending Iyengar yoga classes once per week effectively reduces stress as well as taking two classes per week. Stress affects up to 80 percent of adults and has negative impacts your health, including speeding up the aging process…”

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Hatha Yoga Sequence to Reduce Stress

June 2013 by

Completing just one 90-minute Hatha Yoga class significantly reduces perceived stress, which is a known trigger for physical illness, mental disturbance and produces visible signs of aging. Long-term stress, known as chronic stress, reduces your…

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Increase Your Teen’s Test Scores Without Studying

September 2012 by

Teens don’t have to spend more time studying to earn better grades. Instead, they can increase their test scores when they reduce stress by taking yoga classes. Yoga reduces stress and even a small or moderate amount of stress negatively affects memory and…

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